3D-Printable Button Pegs for the ROCK64 Aluminium Case
(05-20-2021, 06:54 PM)CounterPillow Wrote: As you may know, the ROCK64 Aluminium case does not allow you to press buttons without the use of some utensil to stick into the hole. After having heard of a different user who superglued some plastic pegs to the buttons of his ROCK64, I became inspired to make my own version, which is glueless and just has the plastic pegs sit in the holes, held in by a lip that keeps them inside.

[Image: ROCK64%20Aluminum%20Casing%20Plastic%20P...Photo.jpeg]

The pegs are 3D printed from PLA using a 0.25mm nozzle on a Prusa i3 MK3, though larger nozzles and other printers should work as well. You can download the STL and STEP files from the wiki here: Download .zip

[Image: button_peg_cad.png]

Installation is simple, to quote from the wiki:

Quote:To use the pegs, open your case and remove the ROCK64 from within. Be sure to pull out the light guide and rubber plug to remove it, or else it will catch on them. Once it is removed, turn your bottom half of the case such that the holes for PWR and RST are pointing towards the floor, and drop the pegs into the holes from inside the case, so that the lip prevents them from falling through. Hold them in position with your finger, turn the case the right side up again, and reinstall your ROCK64.

I just wanted to share this on the forums. It was a quick bit of CAD and trial-and-error to get a size that feels right, but I'm quite happy with the result.

Thanks on sharing, thumbs up!

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