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philusa Wrote:PS  Has anybody "tied" their PineTime to PinePhone running Mobian?  I currently am attached to my android phone, but would love to get it going on my PinePhone.  I have not had a lot of time to play with that yet.

I have on Mobian using pieced together info from the Amazfish docs, forum info, and stuff people mentioned in chat. It's a major pain to compile and install, it doesn't look correct once installed (seems like it might still be missing something), and even though I was able to successfully pair my Pinetime running Infinitime with it, the phone and Amazfish would VERY regularly drop connection to the watch and stop working.  Only way to get it working again was to go into Bluetooth settings, unpair the watch, then set it up again in Amazfish.'s completely unusable because of this unless you just want to play around with it for like 10 minutes before it drops connection again.

I don't see anyone else in this forum even talking about Amazfish on the Pinephone and Pinetime... It's like it's a dead topic and no one has any interest in the two devices working together.

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