Manjaro system update failed, bricked PinePhone

I received my PinePhone today with manjaro preinstalled.
I wanted to update the os, the system update was stuck for ~1hour in searching update.
So i opened the terminal and run
sudo pacman -Syuu

The update got stuck at an error about perl and default local. I couldn't do nothing, the phone did not respond so after 1 hour I removed the battery.

Now, when I start it the red led lights is showing up, but on the screen... nothing.
I bought an SDXC ScanDisk extreme 64GB, put ubuntu touch on it..and nothing. No red led light, nothing on screen.
I used the Pine64 installer to create the bootable SD card.
The image I downloaded from here: .

What should I try to make it work? 

Thank you.

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Manjaro system update failed, bricked PinePhone - by jalanga - 11-26-2020, 06:32 AM

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