Moonlight game streaming on Manjaro
This has been my Moby Dick for awhile. I've been trying to get a usable hardware moonlight solution off and on since I received my PBP.

I went a different route with moonlight-embedded. It compiled okay, but was unable to get hardware decoding working. I've taken inspiration, and installed moonlight-qt (which is objectively better) and it works identically to yours. I haven't patched/recompiled ffmpeg, the only change from stock is using mesa-git instead of mesa.

I'm not savvy enough to follow the discussion in the hwaccel pbptools threads closely, but I understand that there are some critical bugs to be worked out still (in ffmpeg?).

Software decoding works okay with 720p 60 fps, and even 1080p 30 fps, so it gives me hope that once hardware acceleration kicks in, then it'll be a perfect moonlight streaming device.

Also, I've noticed that while streaming, the keyboard/trackpad associations get messed up somehow. I'm not able to change system settings (volume, brightness, etc) and the trackpad loses its multitouch capability. Not a dealbreaker, but I wonder how the trackpad and function keys are presented in order to figure out a solution.

I'm glad there are other people out there who have the same concerns. I don't have the background for video stuff (which complicated on linux, and even worse on SBCs), but I can offer testing.

Also, I've discovered that moonlight is probably the most over the top, but practical solution to watching netflix on the PBP. It truly is the brute force and ignorance solution.

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