My PineBookPro Dead
(09-14-2020, 05:52 AM)voodooman Wrote: Hi , I have a big problem . And I wanna say I'm noob in Linux

Well , my laptop probably dead it has only black screen when I turn it ON .

In last session I ran some command in terminal and notebook going dead .

There is some command after it dead :

fdisk /dev/mmcblk2

and in fdisk menu i press d (i think it delete)

and then I reboot laptop and it just dead (Black Screen)

[Moderator note: Removed image that was not displaying properly.]

I also tried to boot it from SD cart but it just blinkin' red and same black screen

[Moderator note: Removed image that was not displaying properly.]

In my opinion I just erase all software in laptop

Please help me reanimate my PinePro.

Hope for your help guys

Hi voodooman

I had a similar issue the day before yesterday.
I'd try re-flashing an SD-Card with the "default" manjaro KDE found at
And then either use the manjaro arm flasher or dd command to copy to eMMC.

I myself had to screw open my Pinebook Pro to press the reset button, but mine was not even blinking any LEDs when trying to turn on.

Kind regards

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