OpenBSD on Pinebook - improving user experience

Some time ago I bough A64+, then had a chance to buy Pinebook.
The plan was to run OpenBSD on both and get involved in driver development.

I maintain a few patches to OpenBSD (slowly trying them to be upstreamed).
But the code needs modified device tree, so my second repo is u-boot related (but also it's just an addition to OpenBSD's u-boot port).

1. u-boot additions:
2. OpenBSD src patches:

Please note, these repositories have instructions to help you get involved (with some scripts that are not very reliable but fulfil basic needs).

1. sxitemp, sxisid
  sxitemp driver relies on sxisid and uses calibration data, providing accurate temperature readings.
2. sxiuphy
  This driver (provided by Patrick Wildt) enables 2nd USB port is disabled by default for now because of unsolved issues on A64+, uncomment sxiuphy in GENERIC config to enable.
3. sxiccmu
  Enables dynamic CPU frequencies.
4. axppmic
  Supports more PMIC sensors. Current battery capacity, voltage, dis/charging current.

Work in progress:
1. sxipwm
  OpenBSD does not have PWM framework but this is needed for
2. pwmbl
  PWM backlight driverThe idea is to provide basic support for wsconsctl brightness property using PWN and generic PWM based backlight driver.Current status: brightness is set to max at boot.

I was eager to get my hands on Pinebook Pro but because of some technical issues I failed to get my voucher in time. Maybe I'll have more luck in the future. I'm aware this work (focused on Pinebook) may not be useful for Rockchip ICs but I want to learn something and this is a lot of fun!

Booting with the full brightness, yay!

And my small test bench. Smile
Good news!
axppmic is now in the official repository, thanks to Mark Kettenis.

It needs device tree to contain (it's not yet in my u-boot repository):

Sample output:
hw.sensors.axppmic0.temp0=66.56 degC
hw.sensors.axppmic0.volt0=3.64 VDC (battery voltage)
hw.sensors.axppmic0.current0=0.00 A (battery charging current)
hw.sensors.axppmic0.current1=0.24 A (battery discharging current)
hw.sensors.axppmic0.amphour0=0.00 Ah (battery maximum capacity), WARNING
hw.sensors.axppmic0.amphour1=0.00 Ah (battery current capacity), WARNING
hw.sensors.axppmic0.indicator0=On (ACIN), OK
hw.sensors.axppmic0.indicator1=Off (VBUS)
hw.sensors.axppmic0.indicator2=On (battery present), OK
hw.sensors.axppmic0.indicator3=On (battery charging), OK
hw.sensors.axppmic0.percent0=15.00% (battery percent), WARNING
PWM backlight in action:
Looking forward on the openBSD with desktop OS build soon.
@tllim, PM.

- Sent proposal for clock management to OpenBSD @tech:

- Unexpected reboots were reported on "my" kernel (but I was unable to reproduce them):
Check your temps chaps!
- official sxiccmu driver now handles A64 clocks!
- Sent proposal for thermal zones support to OpenBSD tech@:
- u-boot port patching script is now a bit more flexible, patches contain battery (axppmic) and thermal zones (sxitemp) definitions:
- Thermal zones support was accepted upstream!
And a ready to use image is here!

.jpeg   IMG_1373.jpeg (Size: 152.6 KB / Downloads: 589)
(09-26-2019, 05:42 PM)elewarr Wrote: And a ready to use image is here!

Thanks, I will try out on this weekend :-)

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