Incoming calls only vibrate, phone is not ringing
Hi everyone,

for some weeks now I keep missing calls because my pp is not ringing anymore Sad
What I tried:
1) checked the system settings, also for audio output etc
2) called myself and plugged in/out my headphones while the phone was vibrating

How can I fix this?

My only idea for now is to switch to e.g. Mobian, but I would really like to keep my arch/phosh setup.
Does audio still works? Can you try to play music using the web browser?
Find me in the forest, when I'm at my lowest. I don't really think you should continue..

(12-19-2021, 12:31 PM)Danct12 Wrote: Does audio still works? Can you try to play music using the web browser?


audio works, at least I can make phone calls (or even answer them, if I happen to notice the vibration).

Ok I figured it out.
I had 'system sounds' turned to 0%, and the phone ringing counts as a system sound.
I never had thought of that, just documenting it here for others.
The question was to find out whether normal audio playback through the speaker works before the phone call, as that's what's used to play the ringtone. If you can't hear audio from browser, music player etc. then that points to something affecting them all like mixer settings or a problem in the audio profile. If browser/music/whatever works but you have no ringtone then it's more likely a problem in the phone app or its configuration rather than a general audio problem.
i have the same problem

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