Help connecting a dvb board in the right gpio pins

I've got a DVB-S2 board from a mecool KII pro box and I'm trying to connect it to the rock64 board. I found a diagram in the Libreelec forum for connecting the dvb board to an Odroid N2 and I have tried to guess mecool pin 24 position, instead of going to 11 (NC), I've connexcted to 7 since both say CLK

[Image: Screenshot-20201111-183303.png]

Do you guys think that the connections are correct? Perhaps Mecool number 24 ought to go into Rock64 number 15?

At the moment the dvb board is not being detected. I'm trying to find  driver for the tuner (AVL6862) I've tried compiling some gits from Libreelec devs but they fail to compile. The same for LinuxTV git. Is there any hope of getting working drivers for this tuner and succeed with my setup?

Many thanks for your help

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