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FreeBSD for Pinebook - e-minguez - 12-04-2018

Thanks to we have FreeBSD builds for pinebook here.

RE: FreeBSD for Pinebook - Luke - 12-04-2018


RE: FreeBSD for Pinebook - ImmortanJoe - 12-08-2018

Ooh! Does it work on the 1080? I've been hoping for this.

RE: FreeBSD for Pinebook - k_mp - 12-19-2018

I've installed it on my machine, except the keyboard, trackpad, and display (with flickering) nothing else is functional at the moment. I have not spent much time to figure out how to fix them but for sure it's not usable for the day to day tasks. It's also somehow slow.
You can find more in-depth details here:

RE: FreeBSD for Pinebook - zer0sig - 10-14-2020

FreeBSD would be a great option for the RockPro64, if everything worked. I have had some nice GUI setups in it, but I think of it first as a server. Sounds like the kernel is not well tuned to the device, but I honestly don't know much about the state of the arm64 kernel, only that there is one. Some of the GUI setups I've had under FreeBSD would be really slick on the PBP as well, as long as they worked. I will likely mess with Net or Open but I'd expect FreeBSD to be a bit smoother and faster once it's right.