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Linux Web Server OS - harcrow - 01-23-2018

I wanted to get folks comments regarding the best Linux OS to use for a Pine 64 Web Server.  A desktop environment is not needed.  Besides networking tools, it obviously needs apache/tomcat installed.

Any ideas?


RE: Linux Web Server OS - CallMeFoxie - 01-25-2018

Honestly your best bet is to get something "that works" - like Debian or Ubuntu image and just throw Apache/Tomcat on it via APT. Or just throw it all into Docker while you're at it (but I suggest using upstream kernels there instead of the old 3.10 one).

RE: Linux Web Server OS - Rustproof - 01-30-2018

I'm using the Community Xenial Minial build(Ubuntu 16.04) with Apache/Mysql PHP7. ...It's pretty nice