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New tip request - acwest - 02-14-2022

Something that does not seem to be currently available, even for TS100, is heat set insert tips, especially for M3, M4, and M5 brass heat set inserts. I hate having to break out my old soldering station when I want to place inserts in a plastic part. Right now I am just using a cone tip for it, but it doesn't align the insert properly.

RE: New tip request - JoL - 03-17-2022

I was just about to mention the same thing. I just realized that for some 3d prints I'd need heat-set inserts, and that only soldering stations that I otherwise would not want to buy have support for the needed tips. It's good to know that using a cone tip is doable though.

I just noticed that the product page for the hammerhead tip is gone. I wonder if that's simply because of poor sales on it or if it's that they ran into trouble making custom tips.