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Network pretty broken - newgen - 02-06-2022

I installed arch linux a while ago, and usb hub +keyboard works. However, wifi finds my network with wpa2 encryption and gets an IP, but i can't even ping my default gw (with works from other devices).

After a while, the pinephone stops finding any wifi networks.

When I tried to get eth0 up via console, it says: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address.
I set the ip via: ifconfig eth0
But I cannot do: ifconfig eth0 up

Any idea how to get it running?

btw. why isn't there a config option or eth0 in the menu, where the wlan is? I don't always have a keyboard with me.
And why does the wifi stop finding networks?

RE: Network pretty broken - AndyM - 02-14-2022

Honestly I don't understand your question.

Can you post the result of

$ ip addr