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Dead Pinebook - fix it or spare parts? - oloturia - 01-03-2022

After three years some letters of the keyboard stopped working. Unfortunately the official store doesn't sell the keyboard for old models anymore, so I bought one from another store. The new keyboard worked, but I must have done something wrong because now, after reassembling, it doesn't turn on anymore.

The power LED is on, the Caps-Lock LED turns on when the key is pressed, the LCD brightens but it remains black. I think it's not working, because it doesn't connect to my Wi-Fi nor it plays Android's chime after booting. Tried to boot from a SD, nothing changes. Tried also the HDMI output (both with stock Linux and SD Android) but the external monitor doesn't display anything.

So two questions:
1) Someone has an idea about what to check? I have a cheap oscilloscope somewhere, not very reliable but it works somehow. I have also a Saleae Logic Analyzer and various multimeters. I know that there is a UART in the phone jack, but I don't know how to interface it. I have many USB2Serial converters, tried to use one but it doesn't read anything.

2) If I fail to fix it (also because after some months the plastic became brittle and eventually broke in many parts, mostly around the hinges, and probably I was going to disassemble it anyway) what I can salvage? I mean, the battery is good for powering an Arduino (but how to recharge?). The LCD could be used on a Raspberry Pi, maybe? The mainboard can be used without keyboard?