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Pen API? - miak - 12-17-2021

I've been looking at getting one of the similar devices (Remarkable, Boox, etc) that's e-paper with pen support for a while, but they all seem to have pretty big downsides ecosystem-wise, and I was so excited to see Pine64 launching this. I know KOReader is supposed to be quite good as a reader, and has good options for reading an A4 document on a smaller screen. However, it doesn't have drawing support. So, I figured I'd take a look at what it would take to adapt Xournal++ for smaller, slow-refresh screens.

Is there any indication on how inputs will be handled? For example, how do we distinguish between touch and pen input? Palm rejection? It'd be nice to have an API over (I assume?) libinput, so that we can have more uniform drawing options in many different applications. I guess something like that will be needed for the UI, whether it's plasma mobile or a modified plasma desktop.

(A dream is to be able to use something like this for presentations: load the slideshow as a PDF, annotate in real time and use the built-in damage tracking of e-paper drivers to send high-quality updates to a buffer on a computer)

RE: Pen API? - CounterPillow - 12-19-2021

I'm pretty sure the API does indeed already use libinput, smaeul writes on the PineNote Development wiki page that "Pen input also works out of the box."