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PinePhone Wallet Case - Shane - 09-08-2021

I just received this wallet case today. 

It fits the PinePhone better than I expected.

The clips hold to the edges and they don't cover the screen.

The whole phone easily slides up to reveal the camera to take photos.

Holds my ID and 3 cards.

Here is the link: (Make sure you are looking at the Dark Black variety ONLY. I don't know anything about those other models in this same listing. Red Brown looks the same, but that isn't what I purchased.)

FYI: My PinePhone is Manjaro Convergence Edition if the design has changed at all since then (I have no idea.)

A few more things I noticed:
The speaker holes line up well enough to speak on calls with the case closed.
The clips hold the phone in the middle of the case allowing airflow which is a bonus.

The only con that I can tell so far is that metal credit cards will probably scratch the screen.

RE: PinePhone Wallet Case - Nooblife - 09-26-2021

i'd love an official wallet case. Is there any plans for that?

RE: PinePhone Wallet Case - gamerminstrel - 09-27-2021

(09-26-2021, 02:13 PM)Nooblife Wrote: i'd love an official wallet case. Is there any plans for that?

More than likely not. I think Pine64 has admitted that accessories are neither their priority nor their strongpoint, and something like a wallet case would be best left to a 3rd party that specializes in such things, but of course that would only happen if the pinephone is making enough sales for such a 3rd party to become interested.

If you compare to the Raspberry Pi, that didn't start getting truly high quality 3rd party accessories like the argon One until the raspberry pi 4.

RE: PinePhone Wallet Case - biketool - 09-27-2021

(09-27-2021, 07:24 AM)Nooblife Wrote: i'd love an official wallet case. Is there any plans for that?

I didn't have much trouble finding a universal wallet case for mine, sadly it does not have a part number or tag.  It was a generic imported Chinese case for pinephone and other sized phones with long slots on the sides and top/bottom for ports and buttons and a big flap away to expose nearly any camera location.

RE: PinePhone Wallet Case - cool - 08-14-2022

@Shane , How well did it fit eventually?